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Top 40 Compare and Contrast Essay Topic Ideas – Guide 2022

Compare and contrast essay is one of the types of essays in which an essay writer compares two subjects that are relevant to one another. Comparison is taken out by a writer on similarities of the two subjects under consideration whereas their differences are contrasted while writing a compare and contrast essay. Thus, similarities between subjects become the basis of comparison in the essay. On the other hand, points of dissimilarities should be covered under the other remaining section of the essay that is labeled as Contrast.


Choosing a topic for compare and contrast essay is very technical as it involves choosing those subjects which are relevant to one another. There is a variety of different topics on which you can effectively write a compare and contrast essay. However, if you are unable to choose any suitable topic, you may ask some professionals, “could you write my essay?” By doing so, you will get your hands on a perfectly written compare and contrast essay. In case you want to write an essay by yourself, you may choose any relevant subjects concerning social, political, economic issues and can easily write on the topic. For your convenience, following a list of top 40 compare and contrast essay topics is provided. These topics are worth writing in the year 2021.




  • Education before Covid-19 and after Covid-19
  • Positive and Negative impacts of Social Media
  • Twitter or Facebook: Best social media source
  • Compare and Contrast of  high schools of California and New York
  • Compare and Contrast features of buying at a mall or online shopping
  • Compare and Contrast video call with face to face meeting
  • Compare and contrast Mobile phones with computers
  • Compare and contrast online education and learning at educational  institutions
  • Compare and contrast Ebooks with textbooks
  • Compare and Contrast learning by male teachers and female teachers
  • Classical music Vs. Hip-Hop music
  • Compare and Contrast Self-study with Tuitions
  • Compare and Contrast American education system with the United 
  • Kingdom's system of education
  • Compare and Contrast Associate degree with Master’s degree
  • Compare and Contrast written practice with oral learning
  • Compare and contrast a temporary job with a permanent job
  • Compare and Contrast technical training with higher studies degree
  • Compare and Contrast spending on travel or shopping
  • Compare and Contrast literacy rate of males and females in Latin America
  • Compare and Contrast first wave feminism with the second wave of feminism 
  • in America
  • Compare and Contrast women rights in America and India
  • Compare and Contrast health benefits at private hospitals and public hospitals
  • Compare and Contrast education of private and public educational institutions
  • Compare and Contrast Stone age and modern style of living
  • Compare and Contrast outdoor games with online games
  • Compare and Contrast football with Hockey
  • Compare and contrast home-cooked food or fast food
  • Compare and Contrast KFC and McDonald's
  • Compare and Contrast Industrial development with scientific knowledge
  • Compare and Contrast food of summer and winter season
  • Compare and Contrast Indigenous languages with foreign languages in Canada
  • Compare and Contrast Fiction with Nonfiction books for children upbringing
  • Podcasts or Audiobooks
  • Compare and Contrast Single-sex education with Coeducation
  • Compare and Contrast the importance of Maternity and Paternity leave
  • Compare and Contrast job opportunities for females and males
  • Compare and Contrast environmental changes in Europe and Asia
  • Compare and Contrast online job with the office job environment
  • Compare and Contrast the use of polythene bags with plastic bags
  • Compare and Contrast the effect of cold weather and hot weather on the mental health of people
  • Compare and Contrast diet Coke with coke zero for human health


Before actually writing an essay, first understand the topic of the essay. Outline the essay to plan your essay properly. Find out the similarities between the subjects that you have taken for writing your essay and make points to compare them. Also, give proper attention to find out points of differentiation between subjects to give a full account of contrasting views on the topic. In case you find any difficulty in writing an essay, you may ask for guidance from an custom essay writing service to provide you guidance to write a perfect compare and contrast essay.


Nowadays, some professionals will produce the finest quality essays for you and deliver the work as per your deadline, thus allowing you to take a breather and let an expert take care of the work for you. Although, even if you are to utilize such services, it is important to know the basics yourself, so that you may be able to evaluate the work properly before making use of it.


Expert essay writer suggests including supporting ideas and proofs to support supporting ideas in the body of the essay. The last part of the essay called the conclusion restates the thesis statement. Also, the conclusion summarizes all the main ideas of the compare and contrast essay. An evaluation essay allows the writer to judge an object based on certain facts, characteristics, and principles. The essay needs to make its point clearly and strongly, so the reader gets a sense of what the writer intends to say, and can make their assessment after having read the evaluation essay.



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